Mariano Rivera Says Goodbye to Yankee Stadium, Breaks Down on Mound

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With apologies to the woman who vandalized her cheating husband's car, Mariano Rivera truly wins the Internet today.

The greatest relief pitcher in baseball history threw his final pitch at Yankee Stadium last night, retiring all four Tampa Bay batters he faced in a Yankees loss.

But no one was watching the scoreboard in the ninth inning.

The eyes of all spectators were glued to the mound, as Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter shocked fans - and especially Rivera - by walking out to remove their long-time teammate, causing Rivera to break down and sob for a full minute into Pettitte's arms.

It was a moving scene and also a noteworthy one, as Jeter was reduced to awkward third wheel for maybe the first time ever. Watch now... with a box of Kleenex, of course: