Laquetta Theus: Michael Jordan is My Baby Daddy!

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Stop us if you've heard this one, but Laquetta Theus claims Michael Jordan is her baby daddy, and the NBA legend claims he's nothing of the sort.

Laquetta filed a paternity suit in Georgia, claiming she gave birth to Juyana Rachelle Henderson in August 2010 and that His Airness is the father.

She's seeking child support. Hardcore.

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"Michael Jordan, when are you going to support your 2-year-old daughter?" Theus wrote on Facebook. "You drop 10 million on your nice wedding ... that was nice."

"But don’t you think it time that you support your daughter?"

If this is anything like the lawsuit filed against Jordan earlier this year by Pamela Smith, who made nearly identical claims, we're guessing he begs to differ.

Pamela's BS claim was tossed and she was even fined.

As for Laquetta Theus, MJ filed his own legal documents claiming her kid's paternity has already been established, and suffice it to say it's not him.

Jordan has been with Yvette Prieto for several years. The couple got married in 2013 and she is obviously not concerned about any of these claims.

Michael acknowledged he had an affair with Smith, years ago, but denied paternity of her son Taj. He has three children with his first wife, Juanita.

Lisa Miceli also made a similar claim that was tossed.

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