Kris Jenner to Khloe Kardashian: Divorce Lamar Odom!

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Following a report last month that claimed Kris Jenner was urging her daughter not to divorce Lamar Odom, an insider now tells Radar that Jenner has a different message for Khloe Kardashian:

Divorce Lamar Odom.

The change of parental tune is due to yet another mistress (Sandy Schultz) admitting to an affair with Lamar, along with assertions that he's building crack pipes at home.

“At Kris’ insistence, Khloe did meet with a divorce lawyer," an insider alleges.

"Kris was very heavy handed and said that Khloe had a responsibility to her sisters and the Kardashian brand to distance herself from Lamar."

Yup. That does sound like something Jenner would say.

Unfortunately, Kardashian is reportedly hesitant to officially cut ties with her husband because her "entire self-worth and identity is wrapped up in her marriage."

Meeting and marrying the NBA star "was a chance for Khloe to distance herself from the Kardashian name," explains this same source.

"All of a sudden, Khloe was getting tons of attention from the media, and she was very popular with Lamar’s teammates and their wives."

"She had this huge mansion, a wardrobe to die for, and the man of her dreams. It was everything her other two sisters didn’t have.”

And, unlike those siblings, Khloe is described as "low key."

She won't be leaking a sex tape any time soon and she didn't air her marriage ceremony or private life on television (relatively speaking).

She just wants to settle down with a husband and a family and, therefore, continues to hold out hope that Odom can turn his life around. Concludes this anonymous family friend:

“Is it likely she will give that up anytime soon, or even the idea of it? No."

"She is still hoping Lamar goes to rehab and gets help, and she wants to give him the opportunity to make the marriage work if he does.”

Do YOU think Khloe should divorce Lamar?

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