Justin Bieber, Goons Hotbox SUV; Private Jet Pilot Nearly Chokes on Smoke

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Justin Bieber and his friends got stoned out of their minds hotboxing an SUV the way to the airport, then smoked cigars on a private plane, says the pilot.

The smoke on board the aircraft was so bad that the pilot says he almost needed to deploy one of the oxygen masks during the coast-to-coast flight.

The pilot said later, "It was like Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke."

Bieber and his crew smoked so much weed in the car beforehand that when the doors opened up on the tarmac, the pilot says smoke BILLOWED out.

Sounds like something out of ... well, a Cheech & Chong film.

On board, the posse lit up Swisher Sweet blunt cigars, not weed - and it's perfectly legal to do that, since they were flying private and not commercial.

No wonder Scooter Braun wants to boot Lil Twist and Lil Za.

The pilot says Justin was "baked out of his mind" on the flight, and when asked to sign a credit card receipt, he said, "huh, what? Who am I signing this for?'"

Good times. At least the private jet company made $60,000.


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