Joking Bad: Jimmy Fallon Breaking Bad Parody Channels Walter White

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Jimmy Fallon channels Walter White in a great Breaking Bad parody entitled Joking Bad. Like the show itself, it is LONG, drawn-out and detail oriented.

Fallon does his best impression Bryan Cranston's bald, Emmy-winning character for the segment, only he slings awful jokes instead of crystal meth.

If you're into the show, and/or Fallon's spot-on impersonations, you'll love it:

Supporting character and Breaking Bad spinoff focal point Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) actually appears in the skit as Jimmy's agent, which is great.

Cranston and Aaron Paul also make cameos, further adding to the Late Night skit's luster and making us lament the fact that only three episodes remain.

Of Breaking Bad, that is. Jimmy has six months before taking over for Jay Leno.

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