How I Met Your Mother Premiere: Actually Meeting the Mother!

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The beginning of the hilarious end got underway on How I Met Your Mother last night, as CBS aired a two-part premiere of this beloved comedy.

The opening half hour centered on Cristin Milioti's title character, as Lily actually met the Mother (and fought with the Mother) and viewers learned why she's ideal for Ted.

She owns driving gloves. She adores roadside attractions. She even name-dropped belt inventor Florian Van Oderloo!


  • Marshall Manesh returned a limo driver Ranjit.
  • Robin and Barney feared for awhile that they were related.
  • We discovered what's in the box: a photo of the five friends from eight years ago.
  • Roger Bar cracked us up as a hotel clerk named Curtis.
  • Barney made us swoon with the following line:

Barney: “Our wedding is going to be legendary."

Robin: "No ‘wait-for-it?’”

"I’ve got you. I don’t have to wait for it anymore.”

AWWWW! Grade the How I Met Your Mother Season 9 premiere now:

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