Famous Satanist Looks A LOT Like Taylor Swift

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For the record, despite the belief of some people out there, Taylor Swift is not with Satan.

However, the singer does look a lot like Zeena LaVey, a noted Satanist and daughter of the founder and high priest of the Church of Satan in America, Anton LaVey.

Seriously. It's pretty amazing. Check out this photo unearthed by a Reddit user, seemingly from the early 1990s, and marvel over the eerie resemblance now.

Zeena LaVey Picture

To repeat, though, we are not saying Taylor Swift is, or worships at the altar of, The Devil.

Not when her concert tickets can elicit this kind of response from an adorable little girl.

You've got to admit, though ... there's a resemblance and it's hilarious. Just saying.

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