Duck Dynasty Recap: Worst. Houseguest. Ever.

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Jase Robertson established himself as the worst houseguest ever this week on Duck Dynasty, which is alright because it was as hilarious as you'd expect.

On another of their "breaks," which is meant to imply that they do work at some point during the day, the guys were engaging in a series of "gentlemen's bets."

After we learn if Si can pitch or hit a baseball (not so much), they decide to see if Jase and Willie can survive a weekend of living together at Willie's place.

Jase proves troublesome at best, throwing every scripted trick in the book at his brother in hopes of ... we don't know. Making us laugh? If so, well played!

Over the course of the weekend, Jase ...

  • Takes over Willie's chair front of the TV
  • Ruins the result of a baseball game
  • Rises at 4 a.m. to make breakfast
  • Uses a $100 Wagyu steak Willie had been saving
  • Depositing a freshly killed beaver in the sink
  • Cleaning some fish on the kitchen counter

And the coup de grace ...

  • Filling the bathtub with crawfish

Willie begins to show frustration and notes in typical Robertson fashion, "You can't kick your family out on the curb. The porch is still an option though."

Fortunately, Jase's crawfish become an epic feast for the family, tying this experiment up in a pretty bow (one that does look pretty delicious to boot).

Elsewhere, the crew also wrestles a boat out of a tree, where it had been left by a hurricane. Si tries to lasso it but later just tosses a rope around it.

Finally, a "Si-Nopsis" of the movie The Family was offered. Basically, Si Robertson gives us the key points from the film, almost like movie reviews.

Obviously, we have no earthly idea what he's saying.

Quote of the night: "Don't hustle a hustler." - Si

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