Duck Dynasty Recap: That's a Fact, Jackalope

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This week on A&E's Duck Dynasty, the guys apparently didn't know what jackalope was, which seems a bit hard to believe from men of their caliber.

Nevertheless, it was the focal point of another hilarious half-hour.

The jackalope - a taxidermist's mounting of a jackrabbit with deer antlers attached to it - was given to big John Godwin by his uncle, who passed away.

He received it in the mail and couldn't identify it, so the Duck Commander gang had it appraised by a local taxidermist. Instead of working, obviously.

Si claimed to have once shot at an animal like that in swamp, but missed it because it was wet ... or bulletproof ... we've already forgotten the explanation.

The taxidermist reveals that the guys' "rare" jackalope find is worth around $50, and Godwin decides to keep the thing and name it Benjamin Bunny.

Jase "doesn't believe" in taxidermy because "animals should be eaten," while Si feels he personally might like to be immortalized in such a way.

"I ain't going to be buried," he says. "I want a taxidermist to stuff me... a redneck statue" that can be passed from home to home. "I'll be around forever.

Somehow, we can see him actually thinking this is a bright idea.

Meanwhile, termites have infested the shop, leading to the gang tenting the place and working at Godwin's for the day. "Working" used loosely of course.

On cue, the freezer is packed with popsicles and to the Duck Commander brain trust, this is endlessly more interesting than making any duck calls.

Si also claims a purple, grape popsicle is called a "purnurple."

Willie prepared for what he thought was a high-powered business talk, but is really just a chat with a half-dozen senior citizens. One of whom he drives to the event.

Finally, Jep bought a pair of spring-loaded shoes off the Internet, in the hopes of strengthening his calves so that he might dunk a basketball.

Why is not exactly clear, but it doesn't work, they lower the hoop instead, and he sprains his ankle on one attempt. All in a week's work for DD.

Quote of the night: "Si is a run-away freight train of misinformation." - Jase.

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