Desiree Hartsock, Chris Siegfried Starting "Family" in Seattle

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Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried may be the cheesiest couple in The Bachelorette - nay, TV - history, but reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated.

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When it comes to courtship, and working on their relationship the engaged duo seems to be doing things right, whether you think it's too public or not. 

They flirt online back and forth, try new things with each other, spent quality time together, and build a life that's their own - including mutual friends.

On that front, they recently went on a date with Jason and Molly Mesnick!

Sorry ... it was "family dinner," as Desiree Hartsock called it on Twitter.

If you stop and think about it, the "family" comment may be appropriate, given their Bachelor experience and the challenges of facing the real world.

Friends truly can be "family" if the bond is strong enough, and theirs may be.

Desiree Hartsock and Molly Mesnick may have nothing in common other than the reality show (or they may have a ton), but they do have the show.

Also residing in Seattle? Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici! Although that might be a little bit more awkward for Des, given her history with Sean.

In any case, go Des and Chris, doing their thing and beating the odds.

So far at least. Vote below: Think they'll make it to the altar?

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