Blake Shelton to Westboro Baptist Church: Blow Me, You Inbred Dips---s!

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Blake Shelton did not hold back, or mince words, when he learned that the Westboro Baptist Church will be targeting his upcoming concert in K.C.

The group, known for vehement anti-gay protests, says the country star's marriage to Miranda Lambert, his second, makes him a "vulgar adulterer."

As such, they plan to protest on October 3, and The Voice coach hit back:

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"Hey WBC.. I've got one more sin for ya... Blow me," Blake Tweeted.

The response came after the group accused him of leading his "4 million plus followers to hell w/you" and claiming his "sin" is to blame for gay marriage.

How being remarried to another woman relates to gay marriage - or frankly why the WBC does anything it does - remained unclear at press time.

"Oh no! Not a picket! What will I ever do?!! The dreaded wrath of the picket!!" he wrote in reply to one follower's question as to why they're targeting him.

And the ridicule didn't end there. Some more of his choice tweets:

  • "Hey @WBCSays…This isn't about God. It's about me using this opportunity to make y'all look like the absolute complete dips--ts you are"
  • "Y'all may want to keep an eye on ur women at my show.. I've got a few band and crew guys that'll be smacking that holy ass!"
  • "You know what else god hates? Inbreeding... "

He also posted a photo of a protester and unfavorably compared the woman holding a sign claiming "God Hates Bill Maher" to Napoleon Dynamite.

Between this and Vince Gill confronting WBC protesters face-to-face, we'd say the scoreboard this month is Country Superstars 2, Hate Groups 0.

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