Kenichi Ebina Labeled "Biggest Talent in the World" by Howie Mandel

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Samantha Lynn Goudie may have a talent for drinking, but she's no Kenichi Ebina.

The unique dancer wowed audiences and judges once again on America's Got Talent last night, with Howie Mandel exclaiming:

"You, sir, are the biggest talent in the world.... You have the variety. You’re a comedian. You are a dancer. You are a mime. You are an artist. You are a writer... You’re the man. You should win a million dollars!”

Heidi Klum chimed in and labeled Ebina a "genius," while Melanie Brown said she would pay to see him in Vegas.

Is Ebina being over-praised? Actually under-praised? Watch highlights from his performance below and decide for yourself:

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