Duck Dynasty Recap: John Luke Gets a Viral Video

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This week on Duck Dynasty, Willie's son John Luke got his wisdom teeth taken out and the aftermath felt like a viral video playing out before our eyes.

Going on a trip and not gracing us with his presence this week (beyond a parting pearl of wisdom that a man "can't have too many snacks"), Si was MIA.

Fortunately, John Luke stepped into the role of comic relief provider. Here's what happened after he woke up from surgery, still under heavy anesthesia:

He discussed his "eagle powers," suggested "hungry fella" to his mother, repeatedly sang "Bumble Bee tuna," and wondered, "Where's the Chapstik?"

He even told someone to bend over. It was pretty awkward/funny.

No doubt, this was inspired by the viral video of the spaced-out kid in the backseat of his dad's minivan on the way home from the dentist's office.

The viral was titled simply "David After Dentist," while this Duck Dynasty episode was called "John Luke After Dentist." Clearly the producers were fans.

John Luke also brought back visions of this guy from last week:

While it was obviously a little contrived that Willie and Korrie were both in the dentist's operating room and that she filmed it, so be it from a reality sitcom.

It also seemed a little bit unlike devout Christian Phil to consider discarding rotten meat in his church's dumpster without first asking their permission.

Still, that was the focal point of the other half of the episode.

A failed freezer full of rancid meat and seafood at Duck Commander sent Jase and Jep on a mission to remove the putrid stuff and find some spot to dump it.

Why not the Duck Commander dumpster? Who can say.

It certainly was entertaining to watch Jase and Jep, with Phil driving, consider their church's dumpster, followed by a Mexican restaurant's dumpster.

The best (albeit least realistic) part? The guys being seated, served salsa, chips and drinks, and being serenaded by a mariachi band, while Phil waited outside.

All in all, another enjoyable week with the Robertsons from start to finish. What did you think of this week's episode? Share your comments with us below.

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