Aaron Hernandez: No Football on TV in Jail!

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Aaron Hernandez can't watch football on TV in lockup, insiders report.

So sad for him, we know. Pour out some of your Miller Lite for him.

Aaron Hernandez Cuffed

If Hernandez, who is supposedly confident he will be exonerated, somehow beats the rap in court, he may well be back on the field in 2014 or 2015.

But while Tom Brady and his former Pats teammates mounted a comeback against the Buffalo Bills last weekend, the accused murderer was not watching.

Sheriff Hodgson of the Bristol County Jail says, "While Mr. Hernandez and many other inmates would like to watch football, it is just not part of our policy here."

"So that will not be happening. “

And that's that.

He does have an hour of free time per day, so someone could call and give him the scores. Or he could just focus on avoiding being shanked in the shower.

On the plus side for Hernandez, he is undoubtedly the subject of more fantasy football team names than ever before. #Justice4OdinLloyd is 1-0.

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