96-Year-Old Man's Song For Late Wife Makes Top 10 on iTunes

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A 96-year-old man from Peoria, Illinois, who entered a song-writing contest with an ode to his late wife of 73 years has made the Top 10 on iTunes.

Fred Stobaugh says the lyrics - written and submitted by hand - for “Oh Sweet Lorraine” just came to him one night about six weeks after his wife passed.

He submitted them for a local radio station's song-writing contest. Fred didn’t win, but producers were so moved that they decided to record it for him.

They did, and the story went viral as the Internet collectively melted.

“Oh Sweet Lorraine” made it all the way to #7 on iTunes last Friday, and is still going strong at #39 as of this morning. It's been downloaded more than 6,000 times.

See the above video for more on Fred Stobaugh's song and story.

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