Tom Guiry, Sandlot Star, Arrested For Head-Butting Cop!

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After years of The Sandlot not making any type of news, here were are for the second The Sandlot story in a matter of weeks.

But this one it isn't quite as feel good as The Sandlot reunion.

Tom Guiry Mugshot

Tom Guiry - who played Smalls in the coming of age film - found himself on the wrong side of the law over the weekend when he was turned away from a flight at Houston's Bush International Airport for being too inebriated.

Airport security was called and the actor was given the choice between being arrested for public intoxication or the drunk tank. Guidry then opted for the nonexistent option C:

Head-butting the cop. 

Not surprisingly, he was arrested on felony assault charges and later posted his $5,000 bail. 

No report on whether or not the cops spent the entire duration of his incarceration repeating "For-Ev-Er" in long drawn-out dramatic tones.

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