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Sydney Leathers, the woman involved in the 2013 version of the tawdry Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, continues to shamelessly promote herself.

She’s also unabashedly hitting back at critics (specifically MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, who called her “batsh!t”) reminding them she’s “not a war criminal.”

Sydney’s just a small town girl with big dreams, she says, who has “made certain choices” involving her sexuality … and besides, Anthony Weiner LIES.

“Anthony says he hasn’t been cheating on Huma for six months,” she says. “Wrong. He last contacted me as recently as April 12. Straight up lies.”

The former U.S. Congressman announced his bid for mayor the following month.

Sydney Leathers also offered tips for seducing a politician. Seriously. They are:

  • Indulge his crazy alter-ego, and whatever you do, don’t laugh at him. When in doubt, use a smiley face and tell him you actually mean it.
  • Go for someone who you know is tempted by hot chicks online. Once he’s interested, find out his fetish as soon as you can.
  • Tell him how big his weiner is, especially if it’s Weiner.

Words to live by from Leathers, who previously opined that Weiner is too busy j–king off to be mayor and has proven to be a real thorn in his side.

Weiner’s latest sexting revelations caused him to plummet in the polls, from first place to fourth place, in the race he once looked like a favorite in.

He continues to soldier on in the campaign to replace Michael Bloomberg.

The NYC mayoral hopeful continues to face questions about his personal conduct on the campaign trail, though, no matter how much he’d love to move on:

Anthony Weiner Ripped By Rival Candidate