Oprah to Lindsay Lohan: Will Seventh Time in Rehab Be the Charm?

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Oprah is not holding back in her upcoming interview with Lindsay Lohan.

Fans got a sneak peek at the highly anticipated exclusive post-rehab sit-down earlier this month, and now a second, longer promo offers more of the same.

And by that, we mean Winfrey TAKING IT to LiLo with questions like:

  • "Do you think you are addicted to chaos?"
  • "What's going to be different this time?"
  • "When you get the first DUI, is that a wake-up call?"
  • "What's it like to be the poster child for 'child star gone wrong?'"
  • "What do you know about yourself now that you wish you'd known six rehabs ago?"


No kid gloves were brought along to the Lindsay Lohan Q&A, apparently, but that's a good thing. If there's anyone who needs tough love, it's this girl.

Apparently she's getting through, at least in the short term. The 27-year-old called off her European vacation at Winfrey's urging, fearing she'd relapse.

Oprah had only good things to say afterward, too. The talk show queen told CBS of the interview, "I felt she [Lohan] was honest. She was authentic."

"She looked good. She looked strong. She looked healthy."

Can she keep it up? Time will tell, and we can only hope.

The interview airs Sunday, August 18 on OWN.

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