Natalie Nunn Nude Photos: Real, But Private!

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Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn is ready to raise legal hell if it means denying the person trying to shop naked photos of her to various media outlets.

So the alleged Natalie Nunn nude pics are legit, but private. Nice.

Natalie Nunn Pic

The person shopping the pictures is claiming to be a disgruntled ex-assistant who's more interested in embarrassing her than scoring a huge payday.

"Those photos DO NOT belong to him," Nunn tells TMZ defiantly.

"I will take legal action against anyone who releases them! Honestly those images are mine and I just don't want to have to get my lawyers involved."

Ironic. For someone on Bad Girls Club, you'd think she'd be all about the publicity and looking to run with it a la Kim Kardashian. Unless it's all a ruse.

Think about it.

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