Man May Not Face Animal Cruelty Charges for Blowing Up Dog

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This is both depressing and disturbing.

Christopher W. Dillingham - a Washington native who was arrested on Sunday for attaching explosives to his dog and blowing him to pieces - may not face animal cruelty charges.

Dog Murderer
Dead Dog

According to KATU, officers responded to Dillingham's home around 4 a.m. after neighbors heard an explosion.

They arrived to find bits of his Labrador Retriever (named Cabella) scattered around the lawn.

Dillingham has a history of domestic violence and owns a fireworks stands. He told authorities, via KOIN, that his girlfriend gave him the canine and that she "put the devil in it."

Despite this admission and the evidence attached to the case, Undersheriff Dave Cox originally said Dillingham would not be charged with animal cruelty because the dog did not suffer.

HOWEVER, shortly after that assessment went public, Skamania County prosecutors told KATU they had initially gone after counts that possessed the highest bail - and that charges of animal cruelty are "absolutely applicable" and still a possibility.

Bail for Dillingham's was set at $500,000 yesterday,

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