Lady Gaga Fans Offer Sexual Favors on Craigslist For Chance to Meet Mother Monster

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Lady Gaga fans are known to be the music world's most rabid, but a series of Craigslist ads regarding how far they'll go to meet her is a little disturbing.

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Gaga Craigslist

This week, the singer announced on Twitter that one lucky Little Monster will be her guest to the iTunes Festival in London if they buy her new song “Applause.”

Simple enough, right? Well, she added that they'll improve their chances of being picked if they buy MULTIPLE copies ... of a digital single on iTunes.

Someone really wants to beat Katy Perry's "Roar" and be #1.

Because many Little Monsters are certifiably insane, a number of them are going to absurd lengths to rack up the most iTunes receipts for "Applause."

Some Craigslist ads offer oral sex, handjobs ... anything.

For a remote chance at a face-to-face meeting with Lady Gaga - not even a guaranteed meeting with the singer, mind you - it's ALL WORTH IT!

The price of one's dignity? $1.29. That's the amount of money you'll have to shell out for a Lady Gaga fan to provide hand or mouth relief on you.

Because they don't have another $1.29 to spare?

Blows the mind (pun not intended). We can only hope that these ads are fake, but the fact that we even have to wonder if they are says it all, doesn't it?

BTW “Applause” is currently #3 below “Blurred Lines” and “Roar” on iTunes right now. Better suck it up, Little Monsters (pun intended that time, sorry).

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