Ireland Baldwin Welcomes Sister to Family, Offers Life Advice

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As of yesterday, Alec Baldwin is a new father... which means Ireland Baldwin is a new sister.

Which has led the 17-year old to write a long, heartfelt, humorous letter of advice to little Carmen Gabriela.

Begins the missive, which Ireland wrote on Twitter:

"You will eventually make your own decisions, but hopefully you will listen to and use the knowledge I have gained from my past experiences and from the results of my many mistakes."

Ireland Baldwin Twit Pic

Never one to be shy with her feelings (she thinks the paparazzi are doo doo head dummies), Ireland included a mature message about kids and their parents at the outset of the message.

"Remember that your parents will always love you," she wrote. "As a kid, you forget that sometimes. When they are screaming about this and bickering about that. It hurts. Grown ups yell. I don't know why, but they do. No matter what your mom or Dad says or does, simply remember that they love the s--t out of you. NEVER forget it."

When she was 11, of course, Ireland was in the news because her famous father left a voicemail in which he referred to her as a "rude, thoughtless little pig."

By the time Carmen reads this, Ireland added," she hopes the siblings will "be best friends, sitting in some rad coffee shop in Brooklyn, talking about bands and how...Channing Tatum used to be hot. Maybe cars will be hovering and s--t."

A very sweet idea and letter all around, which included the following advice about fighting: "WALK AWAY."

Let's hope Ireland and Carmen's dad takes heed of it.

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