Ireland Baldwin on the Paparazzi: Such Doo Doo Head Dummies!

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Like dad, like slightly less angry daughter.

In a Twitter rant that would make her famous father proud, Ireland Baldwin went off on annoying members of the press yesterday, saying she hopes "all paparazzi get s--t on by a herd of African elephants."

Hey, at least that slam won't have anyone calling for her to be fired as a credit card spokesperson.

Ireland Baldwin Pose

It's unclear what prompted Ireland's diatribe, but she continued by addressing these supposed journalists directly:

"Get a real job you lame doo doo headed dummies. I've met maybe a few paparazzi that have been friendly. The majority of you are d--k bags."

Alec Baldwin, of course, has gotten into numerous confrontations with cameramen over the years.

He remains in hot water flipping out on George Stark a few weeks ago and labeling the Daily Mail writer a queen, among other derogatory remarks.

Alec has since apologized, but the incident remains in the public conscious. Anderson Cooper, for one, wonder why more folks aren't more upset over it.