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The Apple rumor mill is churning like crazy once again amid gossip and speculation that the brand’s new iPhone 5S may be released September 20.

The next iPhone’s release date, gold and graphite phones, and a "revolutionary" patent that could replace hinges (seriously) are all unconfirmed.

Still, why let that stop us from excitedly guessing? The latest Apple rumors:

iPhone 5S Release Date: Coming Soon?
  • The iPhone 5S will be released three weeks from Friday, September 20.
  • The iPhone 5C, a new, cheaper and more colorful plastic-cased handset, will also be released, a report in Japan’s Nikkei indicates.
  • Apple is to announce the devices September 10, according to speculation, and the products’ release 10 days later is standard iPhone procedure.

Elsewhere in iPhone land…

  • Apple will release a gold-colored iPhone. Supposedly. The iPhone 5S "may" also come in grey or "graphite" with white panels.
  • Apple has been negotiating directly with networks "to provide content for a television set that would emphasize apps over cable TV."
  • Apple may be readying its own TV service. So, instead of writing a check to your cable provider, you may be paying Apple for TV online.
  • Apple last week applied for a patent for "interlocking flexible segments" that could replace bulky hinges on its hardware, such as MacBooks.

Will any or all of this come to fruition? We will soon find out …