Gia Allemand 911 Call: Ryan Anderson Told Not to Stop CPR

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The 911 call placed moments after Gia Allemand was found by boyfriend Ryan Anderson has been released, and it's obviously a very sad audio clip.

The Bachelor star was discovered by the NBA player Monday, following an apparent suicide attempt; Gia Allemand died two days later in the hospital.

While the tape's quality is not the best, it gives you an idea of what transpired.

In the clip, it appears you can hear Ryan saying "don't stop" giving CPR, presumably to Gia's mom, after the dispatcher gives instructions on the phone.

"Keep going, don't stop CPR, don't stop," says Ryan Anderson, calmly.

The 29-year-old was taken to the hospital and eventually placed on life support, but could not recover. Gia Allemand's cause of death is suicide by hanging.

The exact reason for her deciding to take that drastic final step is far from clear, but Ryan was by her side when she died, along with Gia's mother.

Reports say Gia had been struggling with insecurities, depression and possibly mental illness in the months leading up to the shocking attempt on her own life.


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