Florida Bus Driver Drops Off Kids in Wrong City, Parents Far From Pleased

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A bus driver in Florida's Broward County School District incurred the wrath of parents after dropping seven children off Monday ... in the wrong city.

The students, ages 10-13, were supposed to be dropped off close to their homes, minutes away from Forest Glen Middle School in Coral Springs.

Instead, they were dropped off at a gas station in Pompano Beach - several cities and at least 20 minutes east - on their first day of school.

The students realized something was amiss, but to no avail. They reportedly told the bus driver that he was going the wrong way, but he did not stop.

Student Samantha Cisneros attempted to put her dad on the phone with him, but the driver said he could not talk while driving, according to NBC 6.

Parents aren't pleased that the bus driver dropped the students so far away from their homes, though his motivations for doing so are unclear.

“I’m totally frustrated, mad, angry. I just can’t believe a person would just drop a child off in the street to just fend for yourself,” Wilson Cisneros told NBC.

The school district has been made aware of the incident, and a spokesperson said Monday night that an investigation would be taking place.

A day later, Broward County Public Schools spokesperson Tracy Clark released a statement explaining the results of an investigation into the incident.

According to the statement, the district transportation department found the bus did take its scheduled route, although students did not get off at their stop.

The driver said he would take them back to the right stop after completing the route, but they got off in Pompano Beach with other students who live there.

So basically, that makes pretty much no sense considering what the students themselves told their parents, and no one has any idea what to believe.

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