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Fifty Shades of Grey fans have been waiting SO long for official movie details that it feels like an eternity. That eternity is about to end, though, and soon.

Producer Dana Brunetti confirmed on Northwest Prime radio that the movie is still on for an August 1, 2014 release date, and the casting is in full swing.

It’s still unclear who will play Christian and who will play Ana in the wildly anticipated film adaptation, but the news is expected soon after Labor Day.

Whether it’s good news or not is an open question.

He may have been trying to lower expectations, Brunetti alluded to the fact that many fans may be disappointed with their choice for Christian Grey.


Brunetti explained that when one reads a book like 50 Shades, one forms an image of a character, and as such, fans will have many different images.

He acknowledges that many will be unhappy with the choice, no matter who they pick, though he adds that he does pay attention to fans’ casting ideas.

The biggest hold-up, he says, is chemistry.

It has to feel just right between the leads, so whomever is cast as Christian will have to test with who they like for Ana, which makes it a long process.

Most recently, Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson have been buzzed about as candidates for the roles, but MANY other names are also in play.

Tell us below: Who should play Christian?

And who should play Ana?