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Imagine what your life would be like if you were paid $3 million for four days work. Pretty nice, right? 

Not for Bruce Willis. 

As we reported the other day, Harrison Ford has taken over for Bruce Willis in Expendables 3. At the time, the only information anyone had came from Sylvester Stallone’s Twitter feed, in which Rocky proclaimed how excited he was about Ford’s involvement followed shortly by:

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Turns out, Stallone was calling out Willis for his reaction to contract negotiations. Willis was offered $3 million for four days work on the action film sequel, but he wanted $4 million. 


Yes, a million dollars per day. 

That offer was turned down and Willis decided to walk. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with an insider who said: “I think Willis was pretty surprised he was replaced in 72 hours by Harrison Ford. A better actor, a much nicer person, and a more interesting direction for the film.”

So there you have it. Twitter is no longer just for the pre-teen hysterics and ridiculous reality TV melodrama. Nope, it is now the sounding board for behind the scenes ongoings involving millions of dollars.