Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried Probably Won't Get Married, Chris Harrison Says

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Chris Harrison isn't being a hater. Just realistic.

When The Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock accepted Chris Siegfried's proposal Monday on the season finale, the pair began envisioning wedding bells.

The show's host isn't sure they will be heard.

Chris Siegfried, Desiree Hartsock Photo

“I mean, let's be honest. What are the odds?" Harrison said of the pair's prospects. "Most relationships don't make it down the aisle. They just don't."

“We've been on a very good run lately with Ashley [Hebert] and J.P. [Rosenbaum] and I'm fully convinced Sean [Lowe] and Catherine [Giudici] will."

“But married? I don't know. The odds are no, but you never know.”

The host’s hesitation isn't based solely on the franchise track record, but on this season itself, when Brooks Forester - Des' top choice for months - dumed her.

“I have to tell you, when I saw what happened with Brooks, I was as skeptical as anyone else,” Chris shared, though he praised his namesake's response.

“It was a perfect storm, because any other man may have folded under jealousy or pressure but [Chris Siegfried] is not that man,” Harrison said.

“It kind of empowered him I think to stand by her and that's true love I guess.”

Desiree Hartsock clearly agrees, gushing, “Chris is the man I could love my entire life ... Chris was always there and I always was falling in love with him.

What do you think? Will Des and Chris make it to the altar?

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