Crazy Rhubarb Lady Will Cut You Over "Alley Property"

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Whoever said "fences make good neighbors" obviously never met the Crazy Rhubarb Lady.

An unidentified woman in an unidentified Midwest town has taken to the alleyways to harvest whatever rhubarb she happens to come across. 

Check out the interaction she has with the owner (although that is under dispute by at least one party) of the rhubarb. Be warned though, this lady has a mouth like a sailor so this is very NSFW.

My neighbor once yelled at me for not sweeping my part of the alleyway and I thought she was nuts. I now know, she's not even close to crazy.

Crazy Rhubarb Lady, however? Well she might be certifiable. 

If I were the rhubarb owners I'd be sleeping with one eye open. And for the love of all that's holy, don't be accepting any pies!