Alex Rodriguez: Negotiating Settlement, Suspension With MLB?

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Alex Rodriguez is negotiating a settlement and suspension with Major League Baseball stemming from his use of performance enhancing drugs, reports say.

Last week, it was rumored that A-Rod faced a lifetime ban if he fought the MLB and lost. Now, it looks like he's quietly working on a different strategy.

Nose Picking By Alex Rodriguez

A source familiar with discussions told ESPN that A-Rod's representatives are now negotiating a possible settlement that could result in a long suspension.

MLB officials have told his attorneys that they are willing to ban him for life, although sources said it is not clear if commissioner Bud Selig is prepared to.

Some within the organization reportedly say they would rather force A-Rod to defend himself than agree to a suspension that allows him play while he appeals.

He has been presented "volumes" of documents establishing a connection between the Yankees third baseman and Biogenesis clinic founder Tony Bosch.

Sources said MLB was also given evidence supporting accusations that Alex Rodriguez attempted to coerce at least one witness in MLB's investigation.

That accusation is the basis of MLB's argument that Rodriguez may be punished for his conduct, in addition to multiple violations of the game's drug policy.

MLB apparently hopes he will accept lengthy suspension that keeps him off the field through at least 2014, without the time and trouble of an arbitration hearing.

Whether he agrees to it or not, MLB is expected to issue suspensions for Rodriguez and other players connected to Bosch within the next few days.

Most players are expected to accept 50-game suspensions - the standard punishment for a first performance enhancing drug violation - without appeal.

Ryan Braun has already settled with the league.

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