Tuna Capsizes Boat, Fisherman Airlifted to Safety

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Man 1, Enormous Fish 0.

Anthony Wichman, a 54-year old from Koloa, Hawaii reeled in a 230-pound Ahi tuna this week, only the animal did not go down without a fight:

It dove deep into the water and capsized Wichman's 14-foot boat in the process.

Anthony's daughter, Anuhea, detailed the harrowing adventure to KHON2:

"In his mind, he thought he was dying, that he was gone," Anuhea told the station, explaining that her dad freed himself just enough to use a water-proof cell phone and call his daughter.

"All I could hear was him hyper-ventilating and puking."

Fortunately, Anuhea also heard the words "sinking" and "Coast Guard" and called the latter, who tracked Wichman down via his phone's GPS and sent a helicopter in to make the rescue.

"It seriously is a miracle," said Abraham Apilado, a fisherman pal at the scene.

Most amazingly? Wichman only had bruising and rope burn... and the tuna stayed on the line!

Sounds like someone is up for a role in Sharknado 2! Bring it, giant animals around the world!