True Blood Recap: "F**k the Pain Away"

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Rest in peace, Sookie Stackhouse. You had yourself a strong run.

The latest episode of True Blood Season 6 (perfectly titled "F**k the Pain Away") left our heroine in grave danger... watery grave danger, we should say, as the spirit of her dead father took over Lafayette and tried to drown her as the credits rolled.

In other words: it was just another day in Bon Temps.

Lafayette and Sookie

But while we somehow doubt Sookie will be killed off, we are left rather intrigued regarding the showdown between Eric and Pam.

The latter told her therapist (yes, her therapist) that she harbored no feelings of any kind toward her Maker - but we know different. And we're dying (pun... intended!) to see how these two will get out of this pickle.


  • Alcide continued to act like an egomaniacal jerk head.
  • We delved deep into the history of Warlow, learning how/when he was turned vampire; his connection to Lilith; and that he isn't such a bad guy after all.
  • Jessica ended up in vamp camp after confiding in Jason... only to have the newly-banged Sarah Newlin turn her in.

It was certainly an eventful hour of television, one that left multiple lives in the balance.

Do you think Sookie will survive this drowning attempt?

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