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True Blood may have concluded its previous episode with the lives of Sookie, Eric and Pam in peril… but two other characters met their demise on last night’s “Don’t You Feel Me.”

Indeed, Terry Bellefleur got his desire and got gunned down by his hired assassin, though not before viewers watched this troubled veteran at his best and happiest:

Cooking at Merlotte’s. Cuddling with Arlene. Actually smiling for a change.

Elsewhere, we learned of the poisonous plans of Governor Burrell: he wants to inject Tru Blood with Hepatitis V.

Fortunately, he won’t be around to see this scheme come to fruition, thanks to the coolest series killing in years: Bill ripping the politician’s head off and depositing it at the foot of his statue in town.


Other highlights from a strong True Blood Season 6 episode:

  • Sookie and Warlow had crazy faerie sex.
  • Andy named his remaining daughter “Adeline, Braylynn, Charlaine Danik.”
  • Alcide got Emma back and banished Sam from Bon Temps.
  • To free Jessica, Jason joined the LAVTF and went undercover.
  • Sookie spit out the line of the night with: “There’s a town consensus about what kind of girl I am. … They call me a danger whore.”

But it all comes back to Terry: Will you miss this True Blood character?