Sharknado: Coming to a Theater Near You!

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It's official, Sharknado has become the big hit of the summer. When I wrote this Sharknado review, I'll admit that I thought it would be talked about for a day or so and then forgotten. 

I could not have imagined it would blow up like it has. It completely took over Twitter when it aired and already Sharknado sequels are being talked about.

Now? Well now Sharknado is hitting the big screen!

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That's right, Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will finally make it back into theaters when Regal Entertainment Group shows the SyFy original on approximately 200 of their theaters on August 2nd at midnight.

The thinking is that, much like Rocky Horror Picture Show, people will turn out in force to watch the film in a group setting. Regal Entertainment's chief marketing officer, Ken Thewes, says "There's just something epic about watching these huge beasts on the big screen with your friends and family. The crowd reactions will make for a memorable experience in out theaters."

While there are no plans (made to the public at least) for this to be a repeated occurrence, you have to imagine if enough people show up to these 200 theaters, then Regal Entertainment, and perhaps other theater companies, will be chomping at the bit to try it again.

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Sharknado Quotes

B.J. Novak - I'm afraid that now when we have a real sharknado everyone's going to treat it like a joke.

Damon Lindelhof -This movie is such a ripoff of THE BICYCLE THIEF. #LiveTweetingSharknado #Highbrow."
This movie is such a ripoff of THE BICYCLE THIEF. #LiveTweetingSharknado #Highbrow.