Satanists Protest Westboro Baptist Church by Making Founder's Mother "Gay"

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Setting up a lemonade stand for peace is one way to protest the Westboro Baptist Church.

Holding a rally in which gay couples kiss over the grave of the founder's mother is another.

Gay kiss at grave

And that's exactly what went down on July 14 when the Satanic Temple - an organization that looks to foster "benevolence and empathy" among all individuals - took members to the very cemetery in which Catherine Idalette Johnston is buried.

She's the parent of WBC founder Fred Phelps Jr.

Leaning over her grave, members of the same-sex then smooched each other on the lips.

"Upon completion of the pink mass ceremony, Catherine Johnston is now gay in the afterlife," reads the Satanic Temple website, triumphantly.

"Fred Phelps is obligated to believe that his mother is now gay."

"If beliefs are inviolable rights, nobody has the right to challenge our right to believe that Fred Phelps believes that his mother is now gay."

Moreover, at one point, Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves placed his exposed penis on Johnston headstone.

The temple has asked same-sex couples around the globe to follow its leads; visit the grave; and perform their own pink masses in order to send the WBC a message.

They may have had it coming. Earlier this week, that church expressed joy over Cory Monteith's death and said it hopes Lea Michele kills herself.

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