R.I.P.D. Reviews: Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges a Good Team in Afterlife?

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With the R.I.P.D. featurette, we got a nice peek behind the scenes of this Men in Black-esque comedy, but was a good looking avatar enough to save this not very original idea?

We'll take at look at what the critics are saying, then you can compare them to the Red 2 reviews and make an informed movie-goer decision this weekend!

Ryan Reynolds R.I.P.D.

If ever a movie was made for countless repeats on the USA Network, this is it. -- Bill Gibron, Film Racket

It's the sort of movie that, if the air conditioning is working and the popcorn is handy, can provide a nice way to beat the heat. -- Daniel M. Kimmel, New England Movies Weekly

Every movie coming out this year but "R.I.P.D." should pause for a big sigh of relief: The possibility of any of them being called the worst cinematic effort of 2013 has, as of today, just about disappeared. -- Kyle Smith, New York Post

The worst sort of "slap it together because some geeks recognize the title" film production. Truly awful. -- Scott Weinberg, FEARnet

R.I.P.D. aspires to the hip, zippy, irreverent spirit of Men In Black, but this effects-heavy action-comedy is simply too unremarkable to generate much of a pulse. -- Tim Grierson, Screen International

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