R.I.P.D. Featurette: "The Dude" is Dead

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We got a good look at the upcoming Jeff Daniels, Ryan Reynolds movie with these R.I.P.D. images, and an even better look at Marisa Miller's chest assets, but now it's time to get a behind the scenes gander with this new featurette.

It is really difficult to not make comparisons to Men in Black - grizzled veteran takes on new wise-cracking rookie partner to hunt down things that "regular people" can't see.

Or perhaps it's more like Dead Like Me. Or even the newly somewhat revived Reaper. Maybe it doesn't remind you of anything at all!

No matter what show or movie it may or may not remind you of, hopefully it'll be a fun ride. It's hard not to enjoy Jeff Bridges' work. 

What also looks like fun? This new Lovelace trailer. Check it out!

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