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Reality Steve, the soothsayer of bad TV, admitted today that he got some of The Bachelorette spoilers wrong as they pertain to the end of this season.

Only five men are left standing heading into next week’s episode. Four will advance to win hometown dates with Desiree Hartsock the following week.

That’s where Steve’s usually iron-clad predictions took a hit …

Michelle Young, Pre-Rose Ceremony

WARNING: To all those wanting this fairy tale to remain untainted, turn back now, because the intel below contains The Bachelorette spoilers (obviously).

Steve said many weeks ago that the top four guys would be …

  1. Brooks Forester
  2. Zak Waddell
  3. Drew Kenney
  4. Chris Siegfried

According to Steve’s blog post today, this is still the case.

However, he indicated previously that Drew Kenney would be the odd man out after hometowns and before the overnight dates (or final three dates).

Now, he’s saying Zak Waddell will instead finish fourth.

Put another way, Zak is out after hometowns and Drew is on to overnights. How does all this impact the finale? And does it throw off his other predictions?

“What does this mean for the rest of the spoilers? Nothing really,” Steve writes. “Because I was originally wrong with the Zak/Drew elimination, could the ending be wrong?”

“Sure. But it’s not. [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] are still the final two guys, and she got engaged to [REDACTED] back on May 8 and they are still engaged to this day.”

So who are the final two? And who will win that final rose?

Follow the link for the full 2013 Bachelorette spoilers.

UPDATE, 8/5: Well … that was certainly a shocker.

Drew Kenney was eliminated. Chris Siegfried proposed and Desiree Hartsock accepted. They are engaged. No Brooks Forester return. No drama.

Reality Steve? Wrong. Just wrong all around.

You win some, you lose some, right?