Pippa Middleton: Told to "Lower Her Profile" and "Tone It Down" By Kate?

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Pippa Middleton is being treated more and more like a royal and a celebrity by her sibling, and that's causing a rift between herself and Kate Middleton.

According to the UK's Mail on Sunday, Kate and her husband, Prince William, have asked her younger sister to "lower her profile" in recent months.

"Pippa has been asked to tone it down," a friend of Prince Harry says.

Pip Middleton
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William and Kate, who are expecting their first child any day now, are said to be worried that Pippa leaves herself open to criticism by "acting like a celebrity."

Since she became the royal sister-in-law, Pippa Middleton has written her own party planning book, joined Vanity Fair, and become the It Girl of London.

The royal family was vocally displeased at Pippa when she was photographed in a car last year with a friend who pointed a fake gun at the paparazzi.

On a less serious scale, they are irked that she uses her connection to the royal family for fame - though it's debatable how much of that is her doing.

In any event, Kate Middleton doesn't want to cause any embarrassment, and "she has been having lots of very serious heart-to-heart chats with Pippa."

The gist?

"Reminding her that she can't live life as she did before Kate married William. She needs to keep her head down and not do anything that will cause embarrassment."

While some sources hint that Pippa is far from pleased with such requests, others say she is doing all she can to oblige for her older sister's sake.

"She's been strategically scaling down the amount of times she is pictured at launches, especially clothing launches," a friend of the family says.

"She is trying her best to avoid the cameras where she can."

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