Nude Bed and Breakfast: Just Don't Park Your Car on the Street!

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There are some people out there who rather spend their time without the constraints of clothing. Far be it for me to deny them that opportunity. 

However, there are plenty of people down in Florida (why is it always Florida?) that are none too happy about the nude bed and breakfast they have as neighbors.

Naked Bed and Breakfast

Technically it is a "naked hangout club" according to the home's owners Terry Engels and Chip Malinowski and they offer the rooms for $99 a night.

Their neighbors are rather incensed by this, claiming that "as many as 280 to even over 300 cars" had been parked at the residence over a month's span. I'm imagining Mrs. Kravitz standing out in the street with a counter.

That's not really what steams their broccoli though, oh no. It's the sounds they hear of people apparently having sex in the backyard that has prompted the neighbors to suggest that the homeowner, who does not have a permit to run a bed and breakfast, needs to be arrested.

$99 a night seems pretty reasonable. Go out, get the permit, and then gather up a few pairs of Google glasses and these guys could have a booming business! 

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