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Like many in Hollywood, Miley Cyrus is mourning Cory Monteith.

But unlike those who have simply flocked to social media in response to the Glee star’s death, Miley has taken actual action… and she wonders why others haven’t done the same.

"I know that Cory had a foundation that he was interested in doing, and they put that out and said, ‘you know, if you want to be part of that make sure you donate to that,’" Miley says in a new interview with ET Canada.

"And people so quickly go trend things on Twitter, but they don’t actually go push the button that’s actually helping."


You tell em, Miles!

Among other topics touched on in the Q&A:

Her critics: “Haters keep me mad motivated. People that are, I guess, jealous, that kind of just hate on me, make me want to do even better."

Her… gender? “I feel like a straight dude. You don’t even know what I’m rocking under this skirt. I feel like a straight man. I’m not even a dude, I’m a man. That’s why my voice is like this [deep and raspy].”

(Miley also recently addressed rumors that she’s a lesbian telling those folks that they aren’t exactly insulting her with such an allegation.)

Her post-Hannah Montana career: "Once I left my show I didn’t want anyone around that was going to tell me the way that I was going to do things. I wanted to go make mistakes, go be who I was going to be."

Her career aspirations: "I want to win a Grammy!"