Lindsay Lohan, James Deen Star in Vague, Confusing Poster For The Canyons

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A poster for The Canyons was released today and begs the question... did anyone ever predict that Lindsay Lohan's name would someday appear next to those of movies like American Psycho and Taxi Driver? I sure didn't.

But it does just that in this new The Canyons poster below!

The Canyons Poster

Nothing about this poster suggests "this movie is about making sex tapes and the fallout that can occur with love triangles" that we saw in The Canyons trailer.

It doesn't even really convey much of the impending violence. Really all it shows is Lindsay Lohan opening a door in her bra with two dudes (James Deen and Nolan Funk) standing there. 

I suppose that's all it needs. 

James Deen, a porn star by trade, was infamously hired by Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham to star in an X-rated video that she later tried to pass off as a "leaked" sex tape.

So yeah, there's that.

I'd like to go on record as saying, Spike Lee's Kickstarter better have an awesome poster and preferably no ties to Teen Mom.

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