Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Kim Klashes With Paps, Gets TP Treatment

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Sunday on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim battled with members of the paparazzi.

No, not because of North West photos or Kanye walking into a pole. That comes later.

What contrived storylines were the focal point Sunday? Find out in THG's recap!

Kim Kardashian Hides

All she was trying to do was go out for froyo with Brandon and Leah Jenner in peace, but found herself being hounded by paparazzi instead.

When you command celebrity gossip attention like Kim, it's hard to turn it off at your leisure. So as much as those people suck, it's her own doing.

Minus only 20, though, because we do sympathize with the froyo sitch a little.

Kim shrugged it off at first. "Is that the norm?" asked Leah, referring to the crowd.

Leah Jenner does not read gossip sites, apparently. And Plus 90 for that.

"Yeah, it's annoying," said Kim, incredulously, as if she didn't invite the attention. "I'll get some yogurt and taste some and they'll be like, 'She's 500 pounds!'"

And then Kris Jenner will go on the Today show and defend her and the endless cycle of media coverage will continue, earning them all millions.

Plus 130, because you can't deny how well they play this game. But Minus 500 because sometimes they still complain about the hand that feeds.

After one guy keeps knocking on the glass, Kim snaps and confronts him, turning the tables by having him filmed for the show! Nicely played. Plus 50.

Keeping Up Photo

Witnessing this, Leah worries about releasing her new album with Brandon now, as she realized that fame can really change one's life and privacy.

Note to Leah: You married Brandon Jenner, son of Bruce. Plus 100 for your music, which actually sounds good. But Minus 50 for the naievete.

Khloe Kardashian, meanwhile, started to feel ignored by her sisters.

She said how “depressed” and “irritated” Kim and Kourtney were making her, bonding about babies and the like, while she feels totes left out. 

That's why, in a totally unscripted moment, Kris Jenner decided to treat her daughter to a night on the town ... and help her toilet paper Kim's house.

Plus 100 for the fact that at least Kim wasn't in on it. Plus 100 more, too, for the fact that Kris was wasted beyond belief and acting off the cuff for once.

"If I'd wanted to call the cops on you guys, I could have and you would have been arrested," said a clearly not pleased Kim after witnessing the stunt.

When Kim and Kourtney Kardashian learned that it was all because Khloe was feeling left out lately, she viewed it in a new light and forgave them.

What is family for, right? Plus 50.

Naturally, Jonathan Cheban, lacking anything else to do this week apparently, had to clean it up. What's a best friend of a reality star for, right? Plus 50.

On a side note, Kris became fixated on people’s bathroom habits, and found herself peeing outside when she couldn’t get in the house fast enough.

She later blasted daughters Kendall and Kylie for filming her while on the toilet - and posting it online. Plus 200 for that taste of her own medicine.


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