Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Kim is the Golden Child, Kourt is Totes Jealous

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This week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the attention Kim Kardashian kommands from the media - and everyone - started to wear on her sister.

Seriously, it's all about Kim all the time, and not just on celebrity gossip websites. Kourtney in particular got jealous of her younger sis in a big way.

How did this semi-contrived storyline play out? Find out in THG's recap!

Kim Kardashian, Breasts Photo

Kim Kardashian, clearly, has been Kris Jenner's favorite for years.

She is, after all, the chosen one inside whom Ray J made hard love, the one who commands endless fascination, the one upon whom the spotlight shines brightly.

Kourtney Kardashian, however, at least had kids. 

Now that Mason and Penelope are about to be overshadowed by North West, you can tell that Kourt is feeling a bit sad about giving up that spotlight too.

The boiling point? When Scott Disick was helping Kim go to CPR class, move her stuff into Kris' house, and even put together some baby furniture.

Plus 100 for being helpful. Minus 500 for obvious reasons.

And Plus 100 for Kim's nude pregnancy pants and boobs being flaunted like crazy in front of the obviously flustered Scott. But back to the point:

"It’s really annoying that Scott is willing to go above and beyond with Kim when he never did for me,” Kourtney said, and there's little arguing that.

Kim Kardashian Spanx

Kris actually figured this out and the producers apparently had Scott go to talk Kourtney down (after they had him finish putting together all the stuff).

He told her that he's learning as he goes (a classic guy line) and if they had a third child someday, he'd be much more helpful to her as well. Plus 100.

We don't really believe him, but it's a nice sentiment.

Kourtney was touched, said she overreacted, and was impressed with Scott's maturity ... making for the first time Scott has ever been called mature.

Also this week, we saw Kim komplain about krappy toilet paper. Plus 50.

She wasn't totally out of line - even if we didn't need to hear "I need to see what I wipe" ... 'cause seriously, Kris Jenner. Who the eff has black TP?

Finally, Bruce Jenner challenges Brody and Brandon to a table tennis tournament with all three going all out to win. Brandon came out on top.

The real winners, though? Bruce and Brody, whose strained relationship was the subject of earlier episodes. Always nice to see them hang out.

Gotta give a generous Plus 150 for the whole Jenner clan.


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