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Kate Middleton is due to give birth on July 11, but will she go into labor early?

Obviously, we have no way of knowing that, but there’s a plan in place if so.

If the baby shows signs of coming earlier than expected, she will be flown by helicopter from Anglesey, Wales, to London’s St. Mary’s Hospital.

Once checked in, she hopes to give birth naturally. However, should she run into delivery complications, an insider says “she will have a C-section.”

The baby will be announced via a bulletin behind the gates of Buckingham Palace reading “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a child.”

According to a palace aide, “There will be gun salutes, flag flying and bells. It’s very exciting.”


Not as exciting, though, as the first glimpse of the royal newborn. When the first-time parents leave the hospital, the royals “will pose with the baby for pictures.”

Probably not just to sell them to celebrity gossip magazines either.

William will resume his Royal Air Force duties following a two-week leave, while Kate Middleton and their heir(ess) will shuttle between London and her parents’ home in Berkshire.

The brood will move to Kensington Palace’s Apartment 1A in September.

Counting down the days! What do you think she’s having?