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Helena Christinsen poses nude in the new issue of FutureClaw, which apparently exists (and is getting major PR thanks to Helena Christensen nude)!

At 44, the Danish stunner is still a perfect 10.

The former Victoria’s Secret stunner shows that whether she’s wearing revealing lingerie or in her birthday suit, she has some unbelievable genes.

Christensen herself did the styling for the shoot, meaning she picked out a negligee, paired the strapless black bra with nothing but a swan figurine, etc.

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“There are some of my favorite items in there,” she tells FutureClaw.

“It was interesting to have to go through my own clothes for a shoot. I tend to dress it items that don’t necessarily go so well together. I like when style isn’t obvious.”

“I always end up feeling more comfortable wearing a combination of something quirky and strange. Maybe style shouldn’t so much be defined, but rather felt.”

Helena also made news recently for calling out weight critics of Kim Kardashian, who was often scrtunized for her appearance despite being pregnant.