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The mother of 2-year-old cancer patient Hazel Hammersley playfully posted a sign made of medical tape in the window of her daughter’s hospital room that read “SEND PIZZA.”

Never did she expect that someone would photograph the SOS, then post it on Reddit, where users pooled together to grant the request for the toddler and her family.

And then some.

So overwhelmed was the hospital by random pizza deliveries from across the United States that the family had to politely call off the request for pies!

It came as a welcome respite from the toddler’s difficult fight ahead.


Hazel, affectionately known as “Hazelnut,” was diagnosed with high-risk, stage 3 neuroblastoma in April and will require 18 months of treatment.

Her mother Lauren said the family merely put up the sign to pass the time and try to have some fun and perhaps brighten up a stranger’s day.

It ended up making the day for Hazel, as well as a number of other courageous kids battling against all odds at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

Lauren wrote on the family’s blog, Our Little Hazelnut: “We began hearing news that several pizzas were being delivered to the hospital.”

“After only a few short hours, we were told that someone had taken a picture on the street of our sign, had posted it to Reddit and it had reached #1!!”

“Hazel woke up from her nap to the smell of pizza and was so excited! Several other children and nurses came into the room, with music playing, and had themselves a wonderful Pizza Party.”

“We have been absolutely humbled by the outpouring of love and support … and can only hope and pray that this brings awareness to Neuroblastoma and the Childhood Cancer Community.”

Well done, Internet. Very well done on this one.