Ender's Game Clip: Mazer Rackham's Run

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Ender's Game has been weighed down by controversy as of late, with author Orson Scott Card's outspoken views on gay marriage and the resulting call for a boycott, but the film is hoping to change the conversation.

Surely this new Ender's Game clip will jumpstart people talking about the movie itself.

Oh boy. I won't spoil things if you haven't read the novel but let's just say that just from this little promo, fans are already experiencing panty bunchage. It's not pretty.

I do however, really like the idea of a film promo in the form of something that could happen in the movie. Not a collection of clips put together with a stirring soundtrack (much like this Ender's Game trailer), but rather a bit of propaganda sent out to the International Fleet.

Ender's Game opens in theaters on November 1st.

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