Dexter Season 8 Premiere: Grade It!

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Talk about a Debra downer.

The Dexter Season 8 premiere took viewers six months into the future, but such a time jump did little to help Deb get over her murderous Season 7 actions.

The now-former police lieutenant was working for a private investigator... doing drugs... ignoring her brother... and openly stating she shot the wrong person in that trailer on last year's finale. OUCH!

Dexter Premiere Pic

But while the Deb and Dexter interactions were both interesting and disturbing (Who is truly lost? will their relationship ever be the same?), a different woman stole the premiere spotlight last night.

Who is Dr. Evelyn Vogel? What does she know about Dexter? And how is she aware of Harry's Code?!?

With Jamie sleeping with Quinn; Batista back on the force; and a brain surgeon of a serial killer on the loose, it was this Psychopath Whisperer that made the strongest impression.

Will she be a friend or a foe to Dexter? That's the main question on our minds as we take off on this Showtime hit's final slay ride over the next few weeks.

What did you think of the premiere? Grade it here:

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